It is said that the earliest Indians to practice yoga is to not use a yoga mat, they Mutianxide, in the easiest places where communication of body and mind, man and the universe. However, the modern practice of yoga has been completely different from the ancient Indians. Yoga mat has become an indispensable supplement. Because yoga mat made ??of special materials, different from the general mat or carpet, can play a non-slip, preventing the spine, ankle, hip, knee and other parts of bruised role. There is also a relatively iffy argument is: yoga mat insulation can play a role in preventing accumulation in the body when exercise energy is taken away to gas.

  After the buy yoga mats, you first need to detect the use of lower quality yoga mat before, first introduce some yoga mat quality testing methods below:

  1 took a yoga mat PVC material first not to open a yoga mat with a nose to smell the top of the mat. If there is a pungent smell is most likely low quality performance.

  2 with the thumb and index finger pinching yoga mats, how to try to pressure resistance.

  3 with the eraser wipe yoga mats, see the material is easy to break.

  4 Gently push the mat surface with the palm of your hand, to have a dry feeling.

  After using yoga mat, yoga mat also pay attention to cleanup. To ensure that health is best cleaned once every other week. The easiest way is to wash detergent against Siwan drops of water, sprayed on a yoga mat, and then wipe with a dry cloth. If yoga mat has been dirty, you can also come with a cloth dipped in detergent and gently wipe yoga mat, and then rinse with water, then with a dry towel rolled up yoga mats, drain excess water. Finally, the yoga mat to dry.

  It should be noted that, as little as possible the amount of detergent because detergent residue once in yoga mat, yoga mat may become slippery. Also yoga mat when dry remember not to put it on the sun exposure.

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